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Encaustic wax, eggshell, oil on cradled panel

FEAST explores the less-friendly side of the microscopic world through a siren song of encaustic, eggshell, oil paint, and other media. After the widespread panic caused by the H1N1 virus, the bird flu, and AIDS, people are aware of these diseases through their symptoms but not of their aesthetics at an infinitesimal level. Under closer examination, these organisms and their visceral qualities bring out a secret, sexier side of the science world.


Using images that range from super-magnified slides of bacterial and viral human diseases to high school biology textbooks diagrams, Owens creates enticingly beautiful patterns out of the potentially fatal germs around us.

What My Hands Have Seen
Pencil, charcoal, conte crayon on found papers

This series of intimate drawings was inspired by my ongoing relationship with my grandmother, nostalgia from my youth, momento mori, and a fascination with aging materials. What My Hands Have Seen featured over twenty small, secretive pencil drawings on an assortment of old and “found” papers, gathered from books, maps, and other aged materials.


Many of these aged items were fragile and in a state of decay, so the act of drawing on them was an homage and also an excercise in self-control.

Intimate Organics
Oil, wax on canvas and paper

The processes of the human body, while microscopic and mystical, are quite beautiful.  Removed from their contexts of disease, tissue, fluid, and bone, our inner processes reveal a whole tantalizing world that is hiding beneath our flesh.


These works explore both internal and external issues of the body.

Visual & Social Practice Artist,
HomeSkooled Gallery

HomeSkooled Gallery is the playful brainchild of Lauren Bohy, Kathryn Sclavi, Kevin Schott, and Ellen Owens. Through collaboration with local groups, HomeSkooled Gallery (HSG) created welcoming spaces for the community to interact with contemporary art. These experiences empower people to create, share, and value their own works as artistic expressions. Born in 2009, HSG has hosted over twenty arts events in venues throughout Philadelphia.


Ellen and her collaborators contributed to the artistic experience by creating site-specific installations, "happenings," art lessons, interactives, and more.  Through themed opportunities, Ellen also exhibited her own individual works.


Select Exhibitions
  • Library of Life, juried exhibition at City Hall with the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA 2013

  • Paper Fortress, juried exhibition as part of FIBER Philadelphia, Pteradactyl Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2012

  • BOOKED!, group exhibition, The Soapbox Independent Publishing Center, Philadelphia, PA 2011

  • The Art Anti-Gallery, group exhibition as part of Philly Fringe Festival, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA 2011

  • TOASTY, group installation, HomeSkooled Gallery, Philadephia, PA 2011

  • FEAST, solo exhibition, The Gold Standard, Philadelphia, PA 2010

  • What These Hands Have Seen, solo exhibition, Astro, Philadelphia, PA 2010


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