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Curatorial & Writing

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens has an art galley that hosts temporary exhibitions; these efforts were initiated, managed and, often, curated by Ellen.  PMG has hosted more than twenty exhibitions since 2010.


These exhibitions find connect with PMG's mission to explore visionary, and mosaic art.  They have ranged widely from collaborative projects, such as a refugee visionary "photovoice" exhibition teaming with Jefferson Hospital and Lutheran Children & Family Services, to solo exhibitions by Pam Lethbridge and Katia McGuirk, to displays by the Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation.

HomeSkooled Gallery

HomeSkooled Gallery is the playful brainchild of Lauren Bohy, Kathryn Sclavi, Kevin Schott, and Ellen Owens. Through collaboration with local groups, HomeSkooled Gallery (HSG) created welcoming spaces for the community to interact with contemporary art. These experiences empower people to create, share, and value their own works as artistic expressions. Born in 2009, HSG has hosted over twenty arts events in venues throughout Philadelphia. The HSG group chose the exhibited artworks and crafted the experiences.

Writing Projects

A published author, Ellen has written journal articles for the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal, the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.  She also has published art reviews for local online news publications, particularly

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