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University of the Arts

Ellen teaches Museum Practicum, an introduction to the diverse array of museums and skill sets needed to work within these institutions. The class takes students to visit twelve museums and interact with the collections and staff. Students gain awareness of the variety of instutions and begin to develop ideas for thesis projects.


Through discussion and on-site activities, students gain practical experience to begin interpreting a collection and engaging diverse museum visitors. By the end of the course, students are able to view their work in the context of trends and best practices in the field of museum education.

Education & Outreach Manager,
Philadephia's Magic Gardens

PMG's mission is based in education: to foster greater understanding for visionary, folk, and mosaic art and also to interpert and protect Isaiah Zagar's public murals.


As the first educator at PMG, Ellen developed new tours, public programs, onsite interprative materials, and outreach initiatives.  She conducted training sessions for staff to create a cohesive public interface that served thousands of visitors.

Manager of Education,
American Philosophical Society Museum

The APS Museum's Manager of Education position was a wide-ranging role that allowed Ellen opportunities to develop onsite education programs, outreach programs to adults and urban youth, and oversee a guide staff of ten.


The museum utilized many unusual interpretive methods for their unique collection, including large-scale art installations, performances, and pop-up exhibits.  Ellen was instrumental in developing and implementing many of these initiatives.

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