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Strategy & Goal Setting

Through her work at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, the APS Museum, and Museum Council, Ellen has participated in several strategic planning, goal setting, and assessment processes.  She enjoys viewing organizations and projects at a macro level and incorporates team-building into these high-level projects.




Non-profit leadership can pose many challenges for boards and staff; Ellen has helped lead her teams through bylaw revisions, board recruitment practices, orientations, assessments, strategic planning, retreats, and more. 


With fifteen years of experience managing staff, Ellen has a wealth of knowledge in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors. She has managed artists, docents, volunteers, other managers, and a wide variety of other staff.  Ellen has led teams as small as six and as large at 80 through her retail management and maintained an entire region of businesses. 


Read about Ellen's talk on effectively managing conflict as part of the Women in Leadership conference at Moore College of Art.

Fundraising & Marketing

Over four years, Ellen helped to increase the annual budget of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens by 406 % and diversify the organization's income streams to support this growth.  She has organized many types of fundraising and "friendraising" events that range from elegant galas to hands-on art happy hours. She is a skillful grantwriter and is the primary fundraiser for PMG.  Ellen is also proficient at basic marketing and branding.  She has vast experience in social media.



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